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About Us

What is Clifford Alarms

The latest in security and remote start are found together in the world class Clifford AvantGuard 5.5.

This state-of-the-art system give you the peace of mind in knowing that your car is being protected and you won’t have to suffer through the heat or the cold as your car gets going.

With its recently awarded Thatcham Category 1 status, it offers perhaps the highest level in security and convenience found anywhere in the world!

All of our security systems offer Multi-level Arming, Warn Away, Event History and Status LED Light, with convenience features like Remote Valet, Power Door locks, Power Trunk, and much more.

Since you value your property, you want the most sophisticated defence available and that means Clifford security systems.

GAP Promises You 3 Things…



Quality workmanship with direct approval from manufacturers such as Clifford, Toad, Laserline and Trackstar and with the peace of mind that GAP Security is an elected member of the MESF (Mobile Electronic Security Federation).



Servicing customers to the highest level! Websites allowing you to communicate there and then with a consultant; telephone links for customers directly to an technician, and a professionalism not usually found in the vehicle security industry.



Value added to every product and service, be it protecting your remote control against accidental loss or damage or giving you £250 cash-back if your vehicle is stolen, are all included in the guarantee of value that GAP Security provides.

Wherever, Whenever…

Clifford Remote Start systems are ideal for those who want the convenience of acclimatizing their vehicle without having to face the elements.

Perfect for people in cold or hot climates, these systems make life better with convenience features like One Button Start, Engine Checking, Crank and Run Times.

For those of you with turbo charged engines, you will be pleased to know that all of our G5 range come with a Turbo Timer as standard!

With the most sophisticated security systems in the world you should expect the most sophisticated installation.

Therefore, we only recommend that you use an authorised installer and in order for the guarantee to be valid, their engineers and technicians will need to hold a current CLIFFORD certificate of competence.

For added peace of ask for MESF (Mobile Electronic Security Federation) membership.


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