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Meta 357 TV2

Meta 357 TV2

0800 458 6008

0800 458 6008

Meta 357 TV2

The Meta M357TV2 is Thatcham Category 1 approved and is one our of fastest selling alarm systems!

Recognised by all UK insurance companies, the M357TV2 comes with the following features:

Batteryback-up siren  – 115db for maximum volume

Passive arming and immobilisation – No need to remember to arm your immobiliser as it does so automatically, 20 seconds after the ignition is switched off!

Integral movement sensor – Regardless of whether the bike is on its side stand or upright, this sensor will detect movement instantly.

Hotwire sensing – Even the most skilled of thiefs won’t be able to bypass this system without the alarm triggering.

Supplied with 2 remote fobs – One can house the bikes ignition key, to avoid having to carry a key ring.

The spare remote control is so small, it will fit inside a matchbox!

Secure over-ride function – Allows you to disarm the system in the event of a remote control failure or loss

Audible/visual arming signals – Both hazard lights and the siren will notofy you as and when the system is armed and disarmed.

Panic facility – Press your remote control in times of trouble to alert passers by to your predicament.

Secure sleep mode – Zero battery drain!

Low battery warning when arming – Get the bike on charge in good time, to avoid replacing the battery.

You can understand that this system demands a precise installation and that’s where we at GAP come in. As you know, we specialise in Meta and all our engineers are fully trained and registered as MESF Installers and have masses of experience in fitting them. They know exactly the best locations to covertly install the product, and take great care with your bike during the work.

You even get a check list of the bikes condition and a satisfaction note to confirm everything has been done to your entire satisfaction. Of course before he leaves,  the engineer will carefully run you through the systems insuring that you understand how to use all the features.

You will be given your owners handbook and a certificate for insurance purposes and at  headquarters for safekeeping, we even record your unique pin in case you should ever forget it.

Price includes the supply and mobile installation, anywhere within the UK mainland, a full manufacturers warranty covering parts and labour and VAT. Once ordered, you will be called within 48 hours to arrange the installation. Installation lead times average 5 working days.


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